StudioBookings is a company that provides fitness studio management software. For their redesign, I focused on establishing a strong visual brand, as well as showcasing their product’s features.

Since the redesign, they have reported visitors spending more time and visiting multiple pages of their site. StudioBookings is now getting more calls & emails from potential customers than ever before.

As for the visual brand, StudioBookings now receives mentions in comparison with larger companies. Increasing their establishment in the field has made them feel better about their direction as a company.

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CasinoFrance is a community website for gaming enthusiasts. The task for their redesign was to make CasinoFrance’s brand more playful & accessible. We got rid of unimportant sections, emphasized the fun sections more, and overhauled the look & feel.

Since going live with the redesign, the owners of CasinoFrance have noticed more people participating and spending time in the forums. They have found that they receive 20% more new signups and 30% more page views a day on average than before.

Overall, Sunshined’s redesign has made CasinoFrance visitors feel they are having more fun on the site, which has increased the level of visitor engagement CasinoFrance receives.

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Appreciation Engine

The Appreciation Engine is a social media aggregator for music labels. Soon after their launch, they transformed into an enterprise tool working with clients such as Universal Music Group. My job was to make their website reflect that transition.

Using a unique style palette and responsive development, I designed their website to look appropriately high-end. I also worked to create landing-style layouts for each page to lower bounce rate and increase conversion.

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Good design not only solves problems, it creates opportunities you didn’t know were possible.


Every website leaves an impression on visitors, intentional or not. Let’s craft your site as one that resonates with your visitors and renders you unforgettable in their mind.


Future-proof your site by perfecting the mobile experience to be as effective as the desktop experience. Mobile is the way to go, simply because humans love moving.


Every decision, whether words or colors, helps visitors decide what to do. With a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t, I help you optimize every detail for a high conversion rate.


I worked closely with Diana on the new design for our SAAS site Not only does Diana have a great eye for design and color, but she also understands business needs. This is a very rare trait in a web designer and a huge asset. I would recommend Diana to anyone who needs a website that not only looks pretty, but functions well and aims to convert your traffic into customers.

Appreciation Engine

I recently hired Diana to develop a new version of my most popular website and I’m extremely happy with her work. She has fantastic design skills and she’s got that special touch that makes her work instantly recognizable. I would definitely recommend Diana to anyone who wants outstanding websites and I can’t wait to team up with her again in the future. Thanks for making my website dream come true Diana, you’re the best!


We found Diana by chance. We have to say that we are very happy with her insights, her suggestions and her professionalism. She quickly understood what we were looking for, which made things easy for us. She got things done quickly. Her design of our site is awesome.